Welcome, dear kitten!

Congratulations! You made a decision to try and learn something new - always a good beginning. This is a very special Jekyll tutorial for programming kittens just like you. We will show you how to build your very own website in just a day. Ready to start?

What are you going to do?

The tutorial will guide you through process of building an online CV or portfolio with a blog that you can use to promote your own projects or to even find new job opportunities. Along the way you'll learn about the basics of website development - like what's HTML and what CSS can do for you, but also some more advanced concepts that can help you move onto more complex projects.

Things you'll need for this tutorial:

  • your own computer (Mac or PC) with administrative access
  • reliable internet access
  • 3 - 6 hours of time (depending on whether you'll be working alone or with a coach)
  • some materials for your website that you should prepare in advance, e.g. list of your projects, short descriptions and photos for your CV

The tutorial can either be used for workshops with coaches or at home. Either way you'll be the one doing all the hard work and fun stuff.

Feedback is welcome

We admit, some parts of the tutorial could still use a little love and attention ( e.g. more detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting) and the texts need a good proofread... or two. But we believe this shouldn't stop you from learning from it. We're filling missing bits and pieces all the time. Feel free to send us suggestions for improvements. We'll at least think about them.

A note for all solo learners: give the tutorial a try and please send us your feedback, we'll be thrilled. Also, if you know somebody who could benefit from learning Jekyll, feel free to share it!

Ready, Steady, Serve!

Are you ready now to get going? Let's go! Jump to Part 1 and start building your own website.